Web Designing Made Simple: Free Tools For Web Designers

You can easily make your life as a web designer simpler and more productive by relying on tools used by top designers in the web designing industry. When I began learning web designing, I encountered some difficulties. Sometimes finding the right color for text or navigation bars generated some complex issues.

Creative developers are now helping web designers to save time and code efficiently by building tools to make their work easier. I have written this post to provide you with some free tools every web designers must know and use. This tools are very easy to use and can save you much time and effort.

Free Tools for designers

Color Picker Tools

Web designers are limited by the range of colors web browsers provide to them. But as web designer you might want to make your pages look good before your visitors. A color picker tool can help you choose from a wide range of colors which you can apply to your web pages. Some free tools include:

This is a great tool many web designers can’t simply ignore. With this tool you can generate any color you want in hex, rgb and hue for free.

This is another lovely tool which allows you to generate your own web color in hex, hue and rgb. Aside using the color picker tool, you can also test any color codes you have in mind to see how it looks.

This is another online color option for web designers. You can easily come up with your preferred color in rgb, hue or hex.

ColorZilla is a Google Chrome extension which give designers the power to choose any color they want for their web page. This chrome extension has an amazing feature which allows you generate the same colors you see from another website. I love this a lot.
color zilla google chrome extension

Color Picker is another Chrome extension to help you choose any color you want. You can generate any color in hue, hex and rgb.
color picker google chrome extension

Responsive Test Tools

The use of smart phones and tablets are increasing at a high rate and web designers must build their website to fit the screen size of these devices. There are some brilliant tools to help you test how your web pages will look a tablet or a smart phone.

1 Google Chrome’s toggle device toolbar
This toolbar can be found in the developer tools. This tool can help you test how your web pages will look on varied screen size. To launch this tool press f12 then look at the upper left corner of the developer tools windows. Then click on toggle device toolbar.

how facebook appears on iphone5 using toggle device toolbar

Responsive Web Design Tester is a Chrome extension that allows designers to preview how their web pages will look on smart phones, tablets and on iPad.

Youtube previewed with Responsive Web Design Tester extension

This is also a Google Chrome extension to help you test how your website will look on other devices. This chrome extension supports many devices.

Background Textures

Having a nice background text for your websites can really make your pages look gorgeous. You can find free texture images for backgrounds from the resources I am going to list.

This Subtle Pattern offers web designers a wide range of design texture to choose from. You can also preview any pattern on the website before downloading it.

subtle patterns

Vecteezy is a website that store a wide collection of texture backgrounds. Some of these backgrounds are for sale but most of them are for free.

Freepik is another resource to find high quality vector textures for your website backgrounds.


4. Flickr
You can also use Flickr to find a large collection of textures for your websites.


This is an incredible website that allows you to create your own texture background for free. The website is owned by siteorigin.

Web Font

You can make your web pages attractive and elegant using web fonts. Web fonts provide web designers more options of font for their website. You can use a nice looking handwriting font to create some artistic look on your pages. Resource to find some free web fonts include

Google provides designer a wide range of handy web fonts for their website for free.

Font Squirrel is an online font directory that provides you with free web fonts for download. This web site also has an online font convertor to allow you convert your font into other formats

Font library is another website to find web fonts for free. This web hosts more than 500 fonts.

Gradient Generators

Online gradient generators enables web designer to easily create background CSS gradients for their buttons or page backgrounds. Available tools you can use include

css matic

angry tools

css portal online gradient generator

Css gradient online gradient generator


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