4 Easy Ways To Impress And Attract Clients As A Web Designer

Clients are hard to find these days. As a web designer you have to toil and work so hard in order to find your potential clients and later turn them into a long term customers. Successful businesses today apply ethics and strategic motives to attract and keep to clients for a long term. They are able to keep and have a strong business relationship with them. The strategic plans these business develop and use are nothing new or strange for you have to learn. We do them all the time but not in the right manner.

I have a business background and in fact I am a student at the University Of Ghana Business School. I know you will be asking yourself why I chose to study web designing. My answer is very simple, I love websites and web designing. Now back to my main point, making good use of these strategies as a web designer can help you also to attract and also keep your client for a long period of time. These strategies include good communication, product design, delivery time and discount. I going to explain all these terms for you to understand and how they can help you win more clients and make more profit.

1. Good Communication

Many businesses are able to be operation for a long period because of the communication they have established with their clients. Communication plays a key role in anything we do. When you visit any shop, you communicate with the attendant and he provides you with whatever you want to buy. The same applies in our lives and businesses, we talk to people and later we produce a feedback or perform an action. Having a good communication channel means both parties are able to understand and act according to perfection on the terms agreed on.

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 As a web designer you must try your best to understand what your clients wants and requires of you. It is your duty to decode their instructions and act accordingly. There may be some situations where the communication maybe tampered by some barriers like noise or your inability to understand the message due to language. These barriers can be reduced or avoided if you choose the right communication channel. Doing so can build a strong bond with you and your clients because of the mutual understanding you have and also complying with their needs and wants.

2. Product Design

You can attract and impress your clients by the way you design and build websites. In my entire life, I’ve never met anyone who like and adores things which look ugly. People like and draw closer to objects which look beautiful and stunning. I’m relating product design to the overall look of your website. As a web designer there some practices you should avoid and which can also make you lose a lot of clients. They include the following

i. Avoid using many fonts
ii. Avoid the use of several colors
iii. Avoid the use of large image size. They slowdown loading speed and also affect the search engine ranking.

Many designers are able to maintain and attract new clients because of the elegant websites they build. Minimizing the amount of fonts you use can really make your web pages look good. Colors and images play an important role in the beauty of a website. Applying many colors to your pages can ruin the beauty you want to achieve. It’s like applying too many makeups on your face. The end results will be bad. The images you apply to your web pages should have some meaning and purpose. You just can’t use any image you’ve found for your pages, your images must relate to content of your website. It’s best to ask a friend or any person to have a look of the website you’ve built. By doing so, you can easily make changes any part of your design if they see anything wrong with it.

3. Delivery Time

Many clients and customers become frustrated and angry when the product or service they’ve invested in are not delivered to them on time. How will you feel if web designer fails to deliver a website you asked him build within two weeks? As a web designer you should try your best to fulfill the promise you made to your clients. Try your best complete the project before time. This can open another door to a new client if your clients are happy about your service because they will recommend you to other people. In case you won’t be able to deliver your service within the agreed time frame, let them know before the time reaches. Clients are very hard to find these days and letting them go so easily can be a huge blow to you.

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4. Discounts

Everybody loves discounts and I’m sure you also do. People are likely to buy more if they receive discounts from their suppliers. Offering discounts to your clients is a smart move to beat your competitors to win more clients. Your clients who benefited from your discount plan will also recommend your services to others as a way to say thank you. You should also be cautious of the amount you give as discount. Give a reasonable amount so that you can also make some profit. 

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Implementing these strategies businesses use can help you build a successful life as a web designer. If you own a web design business making good use of these strategies can help you make lots of profits and also have many clients. If you have any comment or suggestion concerning about this post please submit it as a comment below. Thanks for reading. 

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