About Me

The world of web designing always fascinates me a lot because of the awesome webpages I always see. When I was always young I became envious of the elegant websites creative developer always built. During those time I wish I had the knowledge and skills to build such a website. One day I got to know of web builders such as Webs and Yola.  These web builders helped me create a website using their available and free templates.

But that did not satisfy what I wanted, to create my own webpages with my fingers from scratch. I got myself introduced to how build web pages from scratch from my teacher and a few friends. They taught me the various languages used for building web pages – HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Whenever I had some spare time, I would open Google search, then search for some tutorials on HTML and CSS. Now I can create some web pages using HTML and CSS. Also on JavaScript, I have got this book Eloquent JavaScript which I’m using to study JavaScript web programming and I love this book a lot.

I created this blog to provide you with some resource to help you out in the web designing industry. This blog will provide you with the best tutorials, best recommended books on any field in web designing and also free tools and tips you make your life as a web designer or developer very easy.

You can also subscribe to my mail list for free to receive instant update on this blog. I can’t wait to establish a strong bond with as my visitor and friend.  I’m out!!!

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