Web Freelancing Made Easy: 6 Hacks To Get More Clients

I just can’t imagine how you felt the first time you built a website. When I built my first web page, I felt so excited and wanted everyone to see that I was building a great website but it look very bad. When you started to learn about how to build web pages and website, you were very happy and working very hard you achieve that dream and yes I also felt that way. You coded a couple of pages and made some good looking websites for fun and others for free.

Upon completing the course the real problem jumps in, finding clients to build for. Finding clients to work with is the main problem many web designers have to deal with if you like to work on your own. People are happy when they work under the authority of others but other people want some flexibility in their work. They want to work under their own conditions and free from any form rules and regulations. If you are a web designer or a developer and you want to work at your own pace and in your own conditions at the comfort of your home, then you will face a lot of difficulties like 
getting clients to work with.

Web designing is great job and you can really make a lot of revenue if you work hard. But the problem most of us face is the ideal client we are searching for. Believe me, they are around us but it’s just that we are not searching at the right place. I have written this post to help you find the customer you are searching to work with. Not wasting much time let’s begin.

6 Easy Ways to Get Your First Client or More Clients as Web Designer or Developer

1. Signing Up on Freelancing Websites

The first place to seek for new clients is on an online freelancing website. These websites are like a market place where employers post projects to attract web designers and developers who are very interested to with them. There many freelancing websites where top companies are seeking for the services of web designers to build an online presence for their business. Some popular sites you can sign up on are Freelancer.com, Upwork.com and toptal.com

2. Building An Online Portfolio

Having an online portfolio is another way to reach to companies and individuals who are in great need of a website for their business. Many web designers are making a lots of income because of their portfolio. They are able to reach out to many people who are in need of their services. You can also be part of them by setting up your portfolio website showcasing the skills you got and the projects you have worked on. You will get a lot of clients if you are able you prove to them you’ve got the talent to build elegant website. A simple hack is to build some websites and then display them on your site.

3. Build Templates for Free.

A lot of web designers haven’t realized this trick, by building templates for free you can get lots of new clients to work with. Someone may download your template because it suites his business, maybe along the line he might want to work with you to build something stunning for his business. That’s it, single template you built for free has won you a new client for free with no hassle. This trick will take some time to get clients, other will be delighted if you build websites for them and others will also use your free template. To make this trick in your favor include an attribution link to your portfolio website or social media page and require the user not remove the link without your permission.

4. Write A Guest Post

Many of you may think writing a guest post is only for bloggers who want new visitors to their blogs. At this very moment, you are also searching for clients to build for right. Why don’t you write a guest post about something you know? Many bloggers are bringing in new visitors to their blogs by just writing a guest post. You too can also do the same by writing a post to attract new visitors to witness the amazing work you are doing on your online portfolio. You may never know the person reading your post might be needing a website. Writing a guest post isn’t easy at all. But it can become easy if you write about some of your interest. As a web designer you can make a guest post on tutorials or even write about some latest trends in web designing.

guest blogging
image source eitweguru.com

5. Start Blogging

Yes, blogging can really help you. There a lot of guys out there who need help urgently. They want to read on topics that can help them solve a problem or read an article to get them introduced to something they always wanted do. You are a web designer or developer you got talents and skills. Build your own blog and start writing about the things you know. You can write about websites, create tutorials or write about any other topic or issue the will interest people. The questions is how can I benefit from this? Once you have built a successful blog create an ad or a link to your portfolio website or better still you can tell your visitors about your profession and if they are in need of a website they should contact

starting a blog
image source prepare.io

6. Walk to them

There are a lot of small business which operate without an online presence. You can visit any small business around you and make them know the benefits of you getting a website for their business. This is a smart way of getting new client as a freelancer though it can be hard sometimes. You won’t lose anything if you try to talk to the owners small business who don’t have a website for their business.

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I have to bring my post to an end. Making good use of these hacks can help you get your first client and get more clients in you are already in the web freelancing business. If you have any suggestion or comment you send them below. Thanks for reading.

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