9 Best Customer Feedback Tool For Websites

Why should you struggle to acquire visitors and customers to your website and later loose them because of some difficulties they faced whenever they visited your website? That will be a huge blow to you. After you have built your website you might think everything looks perfect but believe me it doesn’t work that way. The website you built won’t be viewed only by you or your co-workers but will be available to everyone unless you are building it for private use.

There might be some aspect of your website that other users are finding it very difficult to interact with but you thought everything was alright. Some people might find it difficult to read your contents because of the font size you used or the issue might be the color you selected for your text. 

Someone in another country may experience some difficulty in loading your pages correctly or your page design doesn’t look good in his or her browser (he might be using Internet Explorer 8 or 7, which causes a lot of headaches to many web designers). Your reason for building your website is solve a problem your visitors are facing. But because of some problems associated with your website which you were not able to find drives them away.

Having some form of customer feedback system can help you as web designer to solve any difficulty your visitors face whenever they interact with your pages. Unfortunately, finding the best customer feedback system can also be a problem to you. Worry no more because I have written this post to provide you with some of the best tools you can use on your website to collect any complaint from your visitors.

Some Benefit You Enjoy By Using A Feedback Tool

There are a whole lot of benefits you can enjoy by using a feedback tool. Though these product provides you some benefit its main disadvantage is that they are heavily priced to my opinion. But that shouldn’t be a big deal because you will recover such cost when you start enjoying benefit of implement these tools on your website.

Some benefits you can reap include:

1. You get the chance to understand how your visitors are using your website. You get to know what sort of problem they are facing and also how your online products and services are helping them.

2. You can also create new a service or product based on the feedback you receive from your visitor. In case you receive a negative feedback about your website, you can turn that complaint into a new service or product for your online users

3. You can also communicate with your visitors easily using online feedback widgets.

4. Once you have been able to understand the need of your visitors and have been able to redesign the appearance of your webpages and product, your revenue will also increase.

The best feedback tools for web designers

1. Feedbackify

Feedbackify is one of the awesome online feedback system I have met. This software allows you to collect feedbacks, suggestions and any problem your web visitors are facing. With app you can create and easily customise your feedback form, easily upload your company logo or brand logo to your form, easily customise the looks of your feedback button and also Feedbackify has stunning dash board which allows you to view all feedback from your visitors. Another interesting thing about this software is you enjoy 15 days trial after signing up and integrating the software on your website takes only a few minutes to accomplish.

Pricing: $19/month
Feedbackify online feedback tool

2. UserEcho

UserEcho is a community based forum software that allows to know what your visitors like and also dislike about your website in order to improve the services and products to provide to them. With this software you can also propose any new idea or service you want to implement on your websites and then allow your visitors to vote for or against your proposed idea. UserEcho also allows you keep in touch with your customers or visitor with an online chat system. What are you waiting for, sign up today and enjoy up to 15 days free trial.

Pricing: $15/month

3. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is an online survey app that allows you create questions about your websites and products you provide to your visitors through your website. With this survey app you can easily create and send questionnaires to your customers or subscribers. You can send your surveys via email, posting on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or embedding it on your website. SurveyMoney offers you a free plan with limited features but you can later upgrade to other plans with more advanced features like unlimited questions and responses, team collaboration, data exports and reports, custom colors, logo and many more.

Pricing Plan:
Select Plan - $26/month
Gold Plan - $299/year/user
Platinum Plan - $799/month/user

surveymonkey feedback widget

4. getfeedback

You can easily improve your customer satisfaction and increase sales online by relying solely on getfeedback’s online survey feedback tool. This app works awesomely on any screen size, that’s a features I really love and adore. Though you will enjoy up to 20 responses for your survey with the free trial, signing up for paid plans allows you to enjoy more features packed within this app. You can also collaborate with other team workers on the design and survey creation. You can easily email your customers your finished survey with getfeedback.

Pricing Plan:
Personal Plan - $25/month
Professional Plan - $50/month
Enterprise Plan - $150/month

This may also help: How to turn Google forms to a feedback form

getfeedback online feedback widget

5. Client Heartbeat

Making your visitors feel happy and treating them like your royals yields in increasing your website growth and revenue. One unique way to do that is to use Client Heartbeat online survey tool. Client Heartbeat allows you to create surveys about your websites and your online products and services to easily understand how your visitors and customers interact with your webpages and products. This simple tool is used by thousands of company and other website owner which gives you the assurance that this is a great tool you can take full advantage of. Enjoy an awesome 21 days free trial period with no credit card required and if you really like this tool you can sign up for other paid plans.

Pricing Plan:
Basic Plan - $29/month
Gold Plan - $59/month
Platinum Plan - $89/month
Enterprise Plan - $499/month
client heartbeat online customer feedback tool

6. Usabilla

Usabilla is great tool and a lovely online survey tool to help you optimize your website based on feedbacks provided by your visitors. This elegant app provides you with a lovely dash board that allows you monitor and analyse feedbacks you receive. This tool is easy to integrate into your website. Customising the looks of your feedback button and form is very simple and easy to do. This a great feedback tool I will recommend to any web designer who wants to improve the looks of his or her web design using feedback from visitors.

7. UsersDelight

Userdelight is the first free widget tool I have met and it rocks. It doesn’t have much features as compared with the other paid tool but gives you the ability to request feedback from your visitors. This tool is simple to use and very easy to use on your web pages. With just a single signup you can reach you to thousands of visitors you have issues with your website.

userdelight free feedback widget tool

8. Survicate

Understanding the needs and concern of your users should be your primary concern as web designers. You can easily communicate with your visitors online through Survicate to know which aspect of your web pages or how your website appears to them generally. Survicate is a cool tool you can rely on. This app’s attractive dash board enables you to view all responses from you visitors and also analyse the results to know which sections of your website you must redesign.

Pricing Plan:
Free Plan - Enjoy up to 50 responses per month
Business Plan - $50/month
Professional Plan - $100/month
Unlimited Plan - $300/month

survicate online feedback widget tool for websites

9. Feedbacklite

Feedbacklite is another widget you can use collect the needs and expectations of your visitors. You can view responses from visitors via feedbacklite’s online dash board. Integrating this tool onto your websites can accomplished with no hassle, requires only a few minutes. The feedback form looks great across all screen type which makes it superb. If you are looking for a simple tool opt for this widget with pricings that will suit all your needs. Also you can enjoy a $0/month plan with limited features.

Other Pricing Plan:
Starter Plan - $29/month or $319/year (and enjoy one month free)
Plus Plan - $49/month or $539/year (and enjoy one month free)
Premier Plan - $69/month or $759/year (and enjoy one month free)

feedbacklite customer feedback tool for websites


Your visitors are the only people who can make your web a successful one. Never play with any issues they face when interacting with your website. Respond quickly to any issues they raise and trust me they will fall in love with your website and services. They won’t hesitate to recommend your website to other people because of the quality services they receive and the quick responses they get whenever they send you a feedback.

I’m done with my picks of the best feedback tool for website designers. If you have any comment or suggestion you can share with me and other visitors in the comment sections. You are also free to share this post to your friends and family. They will be glad to read to it.

I’m out, see you is my next post.


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