Amazing: 10 Free Web Fonts For Content Headings

Headings of blogs post or article play a major role in the survival of a website or a web blog. The first thing most web visitors read on web page is the heading. And if you write good heading and apply elegant fonts to your content headings most of yours visitors are likely to read your piece of content.

In the past web designers faced a whole lot of challenges when choosing an appropriate font for their content headings. They made to choose from the limited number of font family web browsers provided and some of these same default fonts don’t display on some Operating Systems.

This issue made designers seek the help of graphic designing software to create elegant fonts as images and then apply them to their contents. This same solution generated other problem. The images increased the size of their websites and resulted in making their website to load slowly and also reduce their ranking in search engines.

The default Times New Roman font family looks very good in prints but somehow awkward on web pages. Fonts like Verdana, Helvetica, Sans-Serif, Arial can be a preferred choice for a heading but as designer you should make your web pages and contents stand out. Using fonts like the hand writing style can really make your contents look gorgeous and great to your visitor. A lot people become attracted to things when those items look great.

Thanks to the introduction of web fonts web designers can choose from a wide variety of font to apply to their contents. Some of these web fonts are for free whiles others are available for sale. So you should be careful when choosing a web font for contents.

Free Web font for your content headings

I have created this post to provide you with some free web fonts you can use on your websites. I can assure you that these font will make your web pages look great to your visitors.

1. Chantelli Antiqua.

This type of web font a true type font and looks great for headings.

chantelli antiqua web font

2. Colaborate Web Font: Font Type - Open Type.

colaborate web font

3. Delicious Web Font: Font Type - Open Type.

delicious web font

4. Diavlo Web Font: Font Type - Open Type.

Diavlo web font

5. Kingthings Calligraphica Font: Font Type - True Type Font.

kingsthins calligraphica web font

6. GoudyStM Font: Font Type - Embedded Open Type, True Type Font, Open Type Font and SVG

Goudy web font

7. Script Number One Font: Font Type - Embedded Open Type, True Type, Web Open Font Format and SVG

script-number-one web font

8.  Tally Web Font: Font Type - Open Type Font.

tally web font for free

9 Autopia Web font

This web font is hosted by So you use this font on your web pages just copy the tag below and add it after the opening head tag in order for it to display properly in Internet Explorer
autopia web font

<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="" type="text/css"/>

And add this style property to the heading you want to style
h1 { 
   font-family: 'Autopiaregular'; 
   font-weight: normal; 
   font-style: normal; 

10. Dancing Script

This is another elegant web font host by To use this font add the following tag after the opening head tag
Dancing script web font

<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="" type="text/css"/>

Apply this style to the tag you want to format
h1 { 
   font-family: 'DancingScriptRegular'; 
   font-weight: normal; 
   font-style: normal; 


You can convert your any of the web fonts you download to embedded open type and other supported form using fontsquirrel online font generator. On the generator page select expect, then select the format you want and you can also apply some tweaks to the font. When you are select the agreement then download your converted font.


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