How To Turn Google Forms Into A Feedback Form For Free

Google form is an awesome service provided by Google. This service allows registered Google users to collect data from their web visitors. It’s just the same way you will use HTML form tag to ask your visitors for information for processing.

Well, we can all rely on this free service Google provides to us to create a nice user feedback form to request feedback from your visitors. Some advantages you enjoy are they free to create and you can also receive unlimited responses from your visitors. Besides that, the app also has an interactive dashboard which allows you to view all responses or view them individually.

I have created this post to give a basic tutorial on how you turn Google form into a feedback tool for your website for free. Now let’s get started

How To Turn Google Forms Into A Nice Feedback Tool

1. To access Google app go to

2. After you have visited Google forms, the next thing to do is to sign in with your Google account or if you do not have a Google account you can sign up for free.

3. Now that you’ve logged in its time to start building the form.

This is how your Google form page should look for the first time.

google forms home page

4. Now to create your feedback form click on blank and your page should look like the image below
Before we begin I want to explain a few buttons you need to know

These button can be located at the top right corner of the page and each button has a function.

control buttons one

i. The first button allows you to select a color palate for the form.
ii. The second button allows you to preview the final looks of the form as you build.
iii. The next button is the settings button which gives a lot options to control how your form should be. Clicking on the settings button opens a dialog box which has number controls to allow you to set number of response a visitor can submit, text to be display on the confirmation page, allow users to submit another response, edit their response, see a summary of their responses, display a progress bar or shuffle the questions.
iv. The send button allows you to publish your finished form to Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. You also have the options to send it via email, embedding it on your websites or sharing it via link.

These vertical control button can be found sitting beside your forms. Each button has got useful roles to play.

The first button allows you add another question to the form.
The next button allows you to add a title and description to the form.
You can use the third and fourth buttons to add images and videos to the form.
And the final button allows you to group your form into sections.

google forms page

Now let’s create our first form.
1. Click on the untitled form title to give your form a nice title heading.

2. You can also add a form description by clicking on the form description.

3. To type your first question click on Question to add the question you want to add.

4. Next thing to do is to create the answers to the questions. The first option you’ve got is the multiple choice, so click on option 1 and then type your first answer, to add other answer click on add option and then type the answer you want to display. As I wrote earlier you have different ways to allow your visitors to answer the questions. You can choose to make your visitors write a short answer or paragraph, display answers as check boxes, drop down menu and a few others.

5. If you want to your visitors answer a compulsory question you can turn on the required on by sliding it to the left. You can also duplicate or delete a question using the buttons beside the required option.

Viewing your responses.

At the top of the form you can see two tabs, the questions tab and the responses tab. To view your responses just click on the responses tab to view all responses submitted or you can choose to view your responses individually.


I hope you can take full advantage of Google form to create a stunning online feedback for your websites. Doing so can help you monitor what visitors like and hate about your various webpages. I hate to say this but I’m done with the tutorial.

I’m out.

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